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"I believe the dreams you flirt with as you lie in bed awake matter much more than the adventures you happen upon after your eyes have already closed."

Venture to Dream my friends.

It is the only thing that’s real.

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Exploration vs Exploitation: Are you finding the right balance?

We all know Apple wants us to “Think Different,” but a little more time spent listening to advertising reveals just how different today’s corporations want you to be. Or at least how innovative they want you to believe they are.

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Want Your Child-Like Excitement About Life Back?

The soft breeze shakes budding spring leaves, and carries on its wing the smell of new possibilities. When we were young, always budding, and always growing, every day felt different from the time space before it. Every moment was all


How to Survive the Death of Every Great Vision

Just give up. That’s not how it began, but that’s when it hit home. Just give up. I rebelled. “No!” Just give up, the thoughts in my mind said louder, you’re tired. Then came the litany of excuses of why